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Deco Lighting is a leading manufacturer changing the world of lighting with the latest green technology, energy saving lighting and controls. Renowned for innovative, intelligent lighting solutions, Deco Lighting continually wins industry awards and patents for unique product designs. Deco Lighting products are proven in commercial, municipal, military and government installations throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Our extensive product portfolio includes architectural and commercial fluorescent, Induction, HID, LED, Plasma, Solar, Dark Sky friendly outdoor luminaires, emergency fixtures, lighting controls and custom fixtures.

Design Lights ConsortiumDLC

DECO Lighting is committed to high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design. The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) is a.. Read More

LED Board LightingLED Board

Our approach to thermal management sets Deco apart. Notice in the photo that the DECO Copper Circuitry thermal-managed LED is.. Read More

From Our Blog

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Deco Lighting in the News

Deco Lighting Provides Supermarkets with Superior Color Illumination and Energy Cost Savings with New Induction Lighting

Deco Lighting’s New DBMi Black Mamba Induction Streetlights Provide the City of Industry, CA 50% Energy Savings, Superior Visibility and Safety

Deco Lighting’s Bi-Level Curve Parking Luminaire selected by the IES for 2011 Progress Report

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