DECO Lighting Careers


deco_boardAt DECO Lighting, we strive to constantly innovate both our products and the way we operate. As a fast-paced, forward-thinking company, we aim to move through the lighting industry with power of a titan and the agility of a small start-up. Remaining at the forefront of industry developments, such as the push for smart lighting solutions, we continuously invest in new R&D hardware and practices to bring the latest improvements to our LED fixtures. Our hard-working manufacturing team is complemented by our expert engineers who are driven to develop cutting-edge products and design lighting layouts for our clients. Some recent developments and industry recognition include receiving an exclusive SPURR contract to retrofit California schools and public agencies, being chosen as a Technology Partner for the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge, the introduction of new wireless technologies which include the only Bluetooth-embedded drivers in the industry, and being named as one of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Los Angeles in 2015 by the LA Business Journal.


superhero_cultureWhen you walk into the DECO HQ, you may not immediately realize that you’ve stepped into a full-scale lighting manufacturing operation. We like to step outside the norm and stray away from the boring and stagnate corporate-style culture of some larger companies, instead opting to liven up our company headquarters with bright colors and a comic-inspired interior design. Our team members enjoy playing music throughout the day and wearing their favorite casual attire to work rather than adhering to a business-formal dress code. When the DECO team isn’t working to deliver innovative lighting solutions to our clients around the country, they enjoy various company outings and fun events, from free food trucks and costume parties to bowling nights and happy hours.



Some of the benefits you’ll receive when working at DECO Lighting include a subsidized gym membership to LA Fitness, low-cost healthcare and life insurance plans, a kitchen area stocked with healthy snacks and coffee drinks, a game room with ping pong and video games to destress, as well as opportunities to travel and attend industry trade events.