DECO Profile: Rudy Gonzalez, Graphic Designer

Rudy Gonzalez Deco Lighting

Meet Rudy Gonzalez, a valued member of our award-winning marketing team. He gave us a sneak peek into his experience as a Graphic Designer and his life outside of Deco Lighting. Rudy specializes in delivering his design experience to Deco’s marketing collateral. Rudy’s upbeat personality and keen eye towards design have made him a key player on the Deco team the past few months. DECO: What is a typical workday like for you? Rudy: I approach my work with initiative, meaning I do not wait for direction; I try to deliver finished products that surpass the expectations of the client/employer. First thing I do is review any pending items to track their progress or follow up needed then look over new requests and prioritize them so I can keep the work flow organized. DECO: What’s it like to be a part of the Marketing team? Rudy: It’s very fun learning each other’s work ethic and personality, as well as further developing great communication skills and background knowledge in the lighting industry. DECO: How has your career evolved at Deco Lighting? Rudy: More assignments have been bestowed upon me as the time has passed. I love being able to help my bosses and colleagues out at Deco. Every project they give me makes me learn new things and ultimately makes me a stronger designer and professional. DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past? Rudy: I work mostly on developing new logos, updating product specification sheets, social media layouts, touching up images for social media and Deco’s variety of catalogs. DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of Deco and the lighting industry? Rudy: I really enjoy designing things for my freelance business. My freelance firm, Elegant Graphic Designs, allows me to stay current with design principles. I also enjoy watching shows such as Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers on HBO. DECO: What’s your favorite part of working at Deco Lighting? Rudy: I enjoy working in an environment … [Read more...]

DECO Profile: Peter Cheng, CS Representative

Peter Cheng DECO Lighting

This week we sat down with Peter Cheng, a phenomenal member of the Deco Lighting customer service team. He gave us a look into his experience as a Customer Service Representative and his life outside of work. Peter specializes in delivering the best care and attention to detail to our valued customer base. Peter’s larger-than-life personality and extensive product knowledge have made him a key player on the Deco team the past year and a half that he has been with the company. DECO: What is a typical workday like for you? Peter: I come in normally around 5:30am to 6:00am to start the day.  I tackle all of the notifications that went out the evening before that consist of tracking information and order confirmations to ensure that all of the accounts that I look over receive all of the important details about their orders. After that, most of the day consists of managing customer relations and tracking various issues or concerns that may arise. DECO: What’s it like to be a part of the Customer Service team? Peter: It can sometimes be a bit hectic since there never seems to be enough time in a day to get all of the projects done, but the appreciation I get from my customers when projects are completed is worth every second of the hectic day. DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of Customer Service and the lighting industry? Peter: My hobbies include playing tennis and tinkering with cars. I am a national tennis champion of a league I participate in since my high school years. Updating and tinkering with cars has always been a passion of mine that I've been meaning to spend more time on lately. DECO: How has your career evolved at Deco Lighting? Peter: I have been given more responsibility over the year and a half I have been here. Being in a growing company is complex and implementing new processes and procedures is challenging but exciting at the same time. DECO: What’s your favorite part of working at Deco Lighting? Peter: The company … [Read more...]

DECO Profile: Jaime Mendez, Quotes Specialist


This week we sat down with Jaime Mendez, a phenomenal member of the Deco Lighting quotes team, as he gave us a sneak peek into his experience as a Quotes Specialist. Jaime is a master of being able to deliver quality care, service and product solutions to DECO's customers at competitive prices. Jaime has been with Deco Lighting for 10 years now and has executed several large lighting projects throughout that time. Jaime is a pioneer at the forefront of Deco Lighting, and during his tenure he has gained a huge amount of respect among members of the Deco team. DECO: What is a typical workday like for you? Jaime: My work day is busy, whether it’s managing our customers daily quotes needs, or being able to advise and support other departments with their needs, I always have a full plate. It’s very rewarding for me to be able to provide customers the proper care and guidance throughout their purchasing process.   DECO: What’s it like to be a part of the Quotes team? Jaime: I have a great time being part of the quotes team, because of the different sides of Deco’s operations I get to be involved with. I find a sense of fulfillment being able to quote jobs, and eventually winning them.   DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past? Jaime: I’ve worked on a variety of projects throughout my years at Deco Lighting. The project that most caught my interest was a huge military base I helped cross. The most interesting part was looking at the layout of the entire base.   DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of engineering and the lighting industry? Jaime: I’m basically a family man, whether it’s playing outside with my four boys or just having an overall good time with them — my hobbies usually revolve around them. I also have always enjoyed to draw in my free time. DECO: How has your career evolved at Deco Lighting? Jaime: I have learned a lot from how a business goes from being a mom and pop to being major … [Read more...]

Interview with an Engineer: Chris Louie

Chris Louie

In this edition of Interview with an Engineer!, we sat down with Chris Louie to get a more acquainted with him and to learn about his prior experiences as a design engineer. Chris is a master of taking older products and revitalizing them for optimal functionality. His ability to devise all-new designs for dated fixtures shows how ingrained constant innovation is into Chris’ personality. Focused on finding solutions to problems, Chris takes any information that he sees relevant to the task at hand and applies it to his design process. He has proven his problem solving abilities time and time again, and is one of the many stellar design engineers at Deco Lighting.   DECO: What are some tasks you manage here at DECO and what is one of your favorite things to work on? Chris:  I do a little of everything here. I mostly deal with revitalizing old products. I like seeing when projects are finished and they are self-sufficient. DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past? Chris: I’ve work on almost all of the products here. Some projects that I’ve worked on include the GO-LED Retrofit Kit and D533-PRO canopy light, along with several area lights and wall packs. DECO: What drove you to become a design engineer and why do you enjoy working in this role? Chris: I like seeing how things are made and I really enjoy problem-solving. DECO: What has been your most significant accomplishment as a design engineer? Chris: Finishing up old legacy products that were stuck in R&D limbo like the Game Over LED Retrofit Kit. DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of engineering and the lighting industry? Chris: I enjoy doing dragon boat racing on the weekends. It is like canoeing but with 20 people on the boat. It’s a great way to exercise, get outdoors and hang out with a bunch of cool people. DECO: In the LED lighting industry, what do you see as one of the most exciting developments in the near future that will … [Read more...]

Interview with an Engineer: Lindsey Stancliff

Lindsey Stancliff -- DECO Lighting

Welcome back to Interview With an Engineer! This week, we sat down with Lindsey Stancliff, one of our phenomenal design engineers, to get a little more acquainted with her and to learn about her prior experiences as a design engineer. Lindsey is a master at taking the most functional aspects of several products and systematically designing a new product through extensive experimentation. She joined DECO in June 2016  and has already devised all-new variations for Ronde series of architectural LED luminaires. Lindsey has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the design arena and has become a valuable innovator at DECO Lighting.   DECO: What are some tasks you manage here at DECO and what is one of your favorite things to work on? LINDSEY:  I am mainly in charge of working on the Ronde architectural LED fixture and figuring out variations that improve its functionality. I also am very systematic in my approach to working, so if it involves standardizing and problem-solving then I tend to be more in my element. DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past? LINDSEY:  I’ve worked on camera stabilization systems, high-speed cameras, luminaires, and rollercoasters. DECO: What drove you to become a design engineer and why do you enjoy working in this role? LINDSEY: I was driven to becoming a design engineer when I would repair older cars. I would get pretty involved in fixing these older vehicles, and found the correlation with engineering. I enjoy this role the most because it allows me to exercise my problem-solving skills. DECO: What has been your most significant accomplishment as a design engineer? LINDSEY: My most significant accomplishment has been merging the internal components of four different products into one cohesive system. I enjoy improving products and reducing the cost of their related manufacturing and overall purchasing costs. DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of engineering and the … [Read more...]

Interview with an Engineer: Renato Daina

Renato Daina

Welcome back to Interview With an Engineer! This week, we took a quick moment to talk with Renato Daina, one of our awesome design engineers, to learn a bit about him and what he has worked on in the past. As a design engineer, Renato spends a lot of his time designing all-new fixtures for DECO or reworking current designs for better functionality. Renato joined the company back in September and has proved himself an invaluable part of the design team, putting forth his best ideas to create innovative designs for DECO Digital LED fixtures. DECO: What are some tasks you manage here at DECO and what is one of your favorite things to work on? RENATO: I manage projects in new product development and also problem solving on existing products. My favorite thing to do here is come up with brand new innovative product designs. DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past? RENATO: I have worked on the development of toys, consumer electronics, furniture, as well as juvenile products such as baby strollers. I also have an extensive background in graphic design, working on a range of materials from brochures to advertisements. DECO: What drove you to become a design engineer and why do you enjoy working in this role? RENATO: My main motivator is to create cool new products that I can be proud of. I especially enjoy the design engineer role because it gives me the chance to develop great new products based on my own designs. DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of engineering and the lighting industry? RENATO: I really enjoy painting, sculpting, creating murals, and really designing almost anything. I also love snowboarding, beach activities, and travelling. DECO: In the LED lighting industry, what do you see as one of the most exciting developments in the near future that will make a large impact? RENATO: I'm really looking forward to the continued development of even more efficient, better-looking LED fixtures that are easier to … [Read more...]

Interview with an Engineer: Carlos Alvarenga

Applications Engineer, Carlos Alvarenga, works on a lighting layout for DECO.

In this first edition of Interview with an Engineer, we sit down to talk with Applications Engineer, Carlos Alvarenga, and learn more about his role at DECO Lighting and the passion that drives him forward. From designing lighting layouts for our customers to running performance tests on LED fixtures, Carlos handles a wide variety of tasks in his role. Much of the expertise he brings to our company comes from his background in architectural studies, so we wanted to learn more about this background and the different approaches he takes when working on designs. DECO: What is your role here at DECO and what are some different tasks that you handle? CARLOS: My title is Applications Engineer and some of the things I work on daily are photometric layouts, customer service support, analyzing and updating IES data, and using our newly-acquired NFMS to run performance tests on fixtures.   DECO: What drives you when designing layouts and working in the architectural space? CARLOS: Competition is what gets me up and running every day, and I enjoy modeling the spaces to get them as close to the real installation. Having to bid on projects against the competitors and winning is something I always look forward to.   DECO: How do you typically go about starting a project and working to meet the customer’s specifications? CARLOS: Efficiency is always the key, to use less poles, consume less power,  and make the project as safe and compliant as possible. In most of the designs I try to use the “less is more” approach but not all projects are the same. DECO: What are some interests that you hold outside of DECO and the lighting industry? CARLOS: I’m a movie-goer, kayaker, music listener, amateur chef, camper, sneaker collector, comic book reader, and painter. I design my own furniture and sunglasses among other cool objects.   DECO: In the LED lighting industry, what do you see in terms of current trends and … [Read more...]

LED Lighting Boosts the Value of Public Spaces


Next-generation LED lighting systems truly are a game-changer in the lighting industry. From their amazing efficiency and flexibility in design to the way they distribute light more evenly, LED lighting solutions are the key to illuminating modern spaces. Whether it is a shopping mall, entertainment venue, corporate office, or manufacturing facility, property planners and building owners can upgrade from older technologies, such as metal-halide or fluorescent, to an energy-saving LED system that will add value to the space. There is no doubt that upgrading to LED lighting is an investment, but the upfront costs are heavily outweighed by the benefits of lower energy bills, longer fixture lifetimes, and added value for customers and employees. Energy-efficient LED lighting is changing the way people think about lighting. Rather than just acting as a tool to light up a space, modern lighting technologies are able play an active role in accenting an area or creating a pleasing atmosphere for people to thrive in. In addition to the energy savings provided by LED lighting, public spaces can design their lighting layout to better accommodate employees and patrons. LED lighting provides a more pure, evenly-distributed level of illumination compared to older forms of lighting, such as CFL or metal-halide. This enables businesses to create a more natural, comfortable setting for employees or highlight certain areas more effectively within retail spaces. A report from the British Council of Shopping Centres notes that upgrading to sustainable LED lighting increases the valuation of shopping malls by five percent. This further backs the notion that placing a focus on sustainability is an extremely worthwhile investment for any business, and an advantageous venture  for those operating public venues. Aiming to reduce their company’s environmental impact, as well as improve the quality and longevity of their lighting systems, The Staples Center and Microsoft Theater, both … [Read more...]

Smart Lighting Is Here


  Smart Lighting and Lighting 2.0 are terms being tossed around in the lighting industry, but what are they and what benefits can they bring to cities and businesses worldwide? The move to upgrade outdated fixtures with energy efficient LED lighting is already sweeping across the world, with businesses, governments, and consumers alike eager to save on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. The benefits of LED lighting are numerous, from their incredible energy efficiency and quality of light to their flexibility in design and layout. However, another revolution is gaining momentum and is posed to become an invaluable complement to next generation lighting systems. Smart Lighting will change the way we think about lighting, moving from simple binary systems to intelligent networks that can monitor and adapt to changes. As the number of smart devices connected to the Internet of Things continues to grow, new innovations in technology will allow lighting solutions to become smarter and more adaptable, enabling consumers and building designers to save more on energy and customize how they brighten or accent spaces with light. General Electric estimates that there will be 50 billion connected "things" by 2020 and that the data provided by their interactions with the environment will reach into the exabytes! Among the global shift to energy-saving LED lighting technology will be the customization that smart lighting introduces. Innovative LED solutions are already available with wireless connectivity, and smart lighting controls will allow lighting products to interact with the spaces around them in entirely new ways. From business being able to program specific schedules for their light fixtures to run on, to smart grids with street lights that react to traffic patterns and dim when they aren't needed, smart lighting technology will aid cities and businesses in reducing their energy consumption by giving them the power to control their lighting … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Commercial Lighting Efficiency

Commercial Lighting Efficiency

When considering the choices for lighting a commercial space, it is important for consumers to be able to determine which lighting solution best fits their space and application. Between initial costs, annual energy expenses, frequency of replacement, lumen output, and color rendering accuracy, choosing the ideal product can quickly become overwhelming for business owner and project managers. Luckily, Deco has devoted its resources to developing the best LED lighting engine on the market. Delivering superior performance and cost savings across all lighting applications, Deco’s LED solutions exceed the highest standards in lighting design and technology. Whether you are looking to illuminate a parking structure, manufacturing warehouse, or outdoor space, some common lighting options include metal-halide, fluorescent, and LED. Some version of a 400 watt metal-halide high bay fixture is frequently used in many warehouses and outdoor parking areas. While this has been a traditional choice in the past due to its bright output, the high energy consumption and quick decay of lumen output in metal-halides have motivated many consumers to begin using more durable and longer-lasting LED technology. For example, the lumen output for a metal-halide fixture can decrease by up 50% once 40% of its rated lifetime has passed, yet it will still continue to consume 100% of the energy. Upgrading to LED lighting lessens the impact a business has on the environment and saves on annual energy expenses as well as maintenance costs, amounting to thousands of dollars when entire warehouses or offices are upgraded. With cost being a primary concern for most consumers, some are startled at the thought of replacing entire fixtures or lighting systems since the initial cost of upgrading to LED lighting is often slightly more expensive. However, retrofitting traditional lighting systems with energy-efficient LED lighting is an investment that will quickly pay for itself, especially as LED … [Read more...]

The Demise of the Light Bulb

Since Thomas Edison patented the incandescent bulb back in 1879, it has been the iconic image that comes to mind when one imagines a “light bulb.” It is one of the most recognizable symbols in today’s society, and the incandescent bulb has long been the main source of indoor lighting for homes and buildings across the globe. However, like most revolutionary inventions, lighting technology has become more efficient, more versatile, and longer lasting over the past century, and soon, incandescent light bulbs will become things of the past. In 2007, the federal government enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act, implementing a gradual phase-out of inefficient incandescent bulbs. The laws aims to “eliminate unnecessarily wasteful products from the market,” including incandescent bulbs, which lose about 90% of the energy they use as heat. The law does not ban incandescent bulbs altogether; however, most of the incandescent bulbs used by consumers today do not meet the law’s minimum efficiency standards. Accordingly, the law effectively bans the manufacturing and importing of the majority of incandescent bulbs, thereby decreasing energy costs for consumers and lowering harmful emissions. LED lighting is currently the most efficient lighting technology on the market, with the ability to last over 20 years and cut energy costs by 75%, and the price of LEDs is dropping dramatically year after year; today you can buy an LED replacement bulb for between $5 and $13. It is easy to see why the switch to smarter lighting solutions is a positive one for consumers, but the benefits of LED lighting extend far beyond the residential sector. Lighting accounts for about 21 percent of all the electricity consumed by the commercial sector, and LED lighting is more durable, more energy efficient, and less expensive to maintain than traditional commercial lighting methods, such as fluorescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Not to mention, LED lighting lasts … [Read more...]

LED Tubes Are Not The Way To Go…

Written by Deco Lighting President Ben Pouladian. After the recall of Cree Lighting's LED retrofit T8 tubes back in June, I noted the importance of using superior hardwired retrofit solutions rather than tube retrofit options. Recently, Osram Sylvania recalled 55,000 T8 LED replacement tubes due to their potential to overheat and melt, posing a burn hazard for users.   Osram Sylvania recalled nearly 55,000 LED T8 tube lamps manufactured in South Korea over reported burn hazards on August 25, 2015.   This recall again highlights the superiority and increased safety of using hardwired LED boards as opposed to LED retrofit tubes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission strongly recommends that consumers stop using T8 LED tubes and replace them. Only a hardwired solution can safely retrofit a fluorescent fixture to LED. At Deco Lighting we focus on education and sourcing the best, verified components in our supply chain to eliminate this risk. To aid customers interested in upgrading to the safer hardwired retrofit solution after these recalls, we are providing discounts on our Deco Linea retrofit kits to end-users who have purchased any of the recalled "quick-fix" LED T8 tubes made to fit into existing fluorescent sockets. Using these LED tube retrofit kits presents a safety risk because most of the original fixtures used T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts (an analog system), but were retrofitted to T8 using upgraded electronic ballasts. If the retrofitter did not upgrade or replace the existing T8 tombstones, then a small amount of leakage current is emitted. T8 lamps can tolerate this leakage. Yet, with solid-state LED lamps, this current affects the LEDs and the power supply, causing the sockets to overheat and melt. Deco Lighting does not use tube technology for this very reason. These recent LED recalls also highlight the importance of utilizing US-made LED solutions. The Cree T8 LED tubes recalled on June 4th were manufactured in … [Read more...]

What Cities Need to Know About LED Street Lighting

Street Lighting is an essential component for any successful municipality; it illuminates our roadways, sidewalks, buildings, and ultimately, keeps citizens safe. However, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, streetlights account for an estimated national total of over $2 billion in energy costs, most of which is paid for with public dollars. Moreover, the average age of a streetlight fixture is over 25 years, which is leading to increased maintenance costs for cities. Answering to the demand of new, cost-saving options to replace old streetlights is LED Lighting. Today, LED lighting is the least expensive it has ever been, and it can save cities millions of dollars with a short payback. Not to mention it is the most durable and longest lasting lighting option available on the market. The city of Los Angeles recently completed an LED conversion of over 140,000 streetlights, and as a result, has saved over 60% on energy, amounting to $7.7 million annually. While LED lighting currently costs more initially, the short payback and reduction in costs nullify the incipient expenses, resulting in enormous savings. For instance, Los Angeles estimates a simple payback of only 7 years. Not All LEDs are Created Equal While the LED is a revolutionary lighting technology, not all LEDs are well built, and it is important to understand the difference between quality LEDs and substandard LEDs. Topping the list of LED manufacturers around the world is Nichia, a Japanese LED company producing LEDs with extended life cycles and minimal lumen depreciation. Shuji Nakamura recently won the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing the blue LED while working for Nichia. Deco Lighting selects only the highest quality components for its lighting fixtures, and Deco’s exclusive use of Nichia LEDs in its fixtures allows them to offer the industry’s first 10-year, 100,00-hour warranty that includes labor and lumen depreciation. Title 24 The Title 24 energy standards were enacted by … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Commercial Building Energy Costs with LED Technology

Deco LED Boards

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that lighting accounts for about 21 percent of all the electricity consumed by the commercial sector. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is safer, sturdier, longer lasting, more energy efficient, and less expensive to maintain than traditional commercial lighting methods, such a fluorescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Not to mention LED lighting emits substantially less heat, reducing the need to expend energy on cooling a building, which results in lower electricity costs. LED Solutions Versatile and resilient, LED lighting can be implemented in practically any application. Moreover, upgrading a building’s fixtures is easier than you might think. Because of the adaptability of LED lighting, virtually any type of fixture can be upgraded to LED. For instance, Deco Digital Lighting Systems’ Linea Series of retrofit kits upgrade commercial and industrial fixtures in a variety of applications including schools, offices, hospitals, retail stores, building exteriors, and parking lots, and are DLC listed, which means they are eligible for aggressive rebates from local utility companies. Retrofit Kits Many businesses have already invested a significant amount of money into their existing lighting fixtures. The good news is that these businesses do not need to replace their fixtures in order to convert their fixtures to LED and begin reaping the myriad of benefits that LED lighting has to offer. Deco offers a low-cost solution to upgrading any outdoor fixture to LED through their Custom Outdoor Retrofit Program. Deco will create a customized LED retrofit kit for you’re specific fixtures, allowing you to keep the original fixtures you purchased, while converting them to energy-saving LED luminaires. Furthermore, all of Deco’s LED solutions are backed by a 10-year, 100,000-hour warranty that includes labor, which eliminates the need to consider maintenance costs. To find out more about how … [Read more...]

Why Should Schools Care About Energy Efficiency?


  Energy efficiency is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways schools can save money—money that can be spent on the tools, provisions, and facilities needed to provide students with a high-quality education. Reducing a school’s energy bill can save the school much needed funds that it can use towards important building upgrades or improving its educational infrastructure. Not to mention, that using energy efficiently sets a positive example for a school’s students and community, encouraging them to use energy efficiently in the future and throughout their lives. Proposition 39 Since it passed, Deco Lighting has been working in conjunction with the new California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39), to help schools throughout California reduce their energy bills. Prop. 39 is a state program that provides funding to education offices, school districts, charter schools, and state special schools to improve energy efficiency. In 2012, the passing of Prop. 39 closed a corporate tax loophole in California that is now generating over half a billion dollars in revenue each year, most of which is allocated for clean energy projects in K-12 schools and community colleges. LED Lighting Lighting is one of the easiest sources of energy expenditures to adjust and regulate; however, alarmingly, over 25 percent of a typical school’s energy consumption is attributed to lighting. LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting technology on the market, and upgrading or retrofitting traditional lighting, such as fluorescent lamps, to LED is the most effective way to reduce the energy costs attributed to lighting. Deco Lighting offers several LED retrofit kits that simultaneously improve the quality of light and reduce power consumption by up to 75 percent when compared to fluorescent tubes. Deco’s Linea Troffer and Parabolic LED Retrofit Kit upgrades standard 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 fluorescent troffers in as little as five minutes. Moreover, there is no need … [Read more...]

US-Made Commercial LED Lighting Products

Made in USA

Deco Lighting is a leading provider of commercial LED lighting solutions, and we’re dedicated to offering our customers a wide range of US-made products. Whether you’re looking to replace your fixtures or simply retrofit your existing ones, Deco Lighting is here to help with high-quality LED options. Why Buy American? When you purchase a product that is made in America, you’re making it possible for the people who designed and manufactured that product to work and live in the United States. Money spent on US products results in US jobs, which is beneficial to the economy as a whole. The money you spend on commercial LED lighting products that are made in the US, stays in the US economy and helps sustain other businesses connected to the product manufacturer, such as factory workers and designers. Thus, investing in US-made products helps boost your fellow Americans and ensures local businesses stay strong. Why Deco Lighting? Deco Lighting is at the forefront of the lighting industry with cutting-edge green technology and energy saving lighting solutions. Our products are actively implemented in schools, military facilities, and private businesses across the globe. Based in Commerce, California, Deco is an American business with American values, and we’re committed to delivering a “customer first” experience. Deco Lighting products exceed the highest standards in lighting design, service, support, and technology. However, not all LEDs are created equal. For instance, LEDinside recently published a story revealing that inferior LED luminaries were being labeled and sold as international brands in China. The article explains, “[A] couple, surnamed Pan, bought loads of lighting components from Zhejiang Province and branded them as top lighting manufacturers in China such as Media, OSRAM, Opple, Philips and others products.” Fortunately, when you buy American-made products from Deco Lighting, you can trust that you are purchasing top-quality luminaires that … [Read more...]

What is the True Cost of LED Lighting?

hid to led

When deciding to make the switch from traditional lighting, such fluorescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, to the more efficient and longer-lasting LED lighting, cost is often a primary concern. Customers see a higher entry price for LED lighting compared to traditional methods and either put off upgrades or invest in a cheaper, more short-lived system that will need upgrading again in the near future; and cost is a practical concern for any buyer considering upgrading his or her lighting system. However, LED lighting offers several cost-effective benefits and can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Cost Concerns It’s true that most LED lighting solutions cost more upfront than their traditional counterparts. However, when compared directly to traditional lighting methods over time, LED lighting lasts longer and is more energy efficient, saving the buyer money on electricity and maintenance costs. Moreover, LED retrofits have been shown to reduce energy use by over 80% while still maintaining an attractive level of light. How much money would you save if you could reduce your energy expenditures by half every month for the foreseeable future? The savings generated over time by LED lighting far outweigh the upfront savings of traditional lighting options. Versatile Installs and Retrofits Additionally, LED lighting is far more adaptable than its traditional counterparts. LEDs can be installed in a wide range of styles that enable you to customize the look of your space without having to renovate, and with Deco Lighting, you do not even have to replace any fixtures. Deco’s unique, patented LED board allows us to custom retrofit any existing lighting fixture to LED. Because fluorescent and HID lamps are so rigid in the way they need to be installed, your options for moving or adjusting them are limited. Thus, an LED lighting solution can also save you money by giving you more flexibility in your lighting design. Ultimately, the … [Read more...]

Deco 90°C Watt-Controlled Drivers Outperform the Competition

Deco Select A Watt

Most LED Drivers are only capable of operating in mild environments, rated for operation up to 75° or 80° Celsius (167°F or 176°F). Temperatures inside a lighting fixture are often higher than this. Small fixture compartments and poor air circulation can generate extreme heat, often coming close to temperatures that boil water. The heat results in damage to the driver’s battery-like electrolytic capacitors. The electrolyte, which is typically a gel, evaporates over the life of the capacitor’s components. Higher operating temperatures speed up this evaporation, shortening the life of the capacitor and leading to premature driver failure. Deco Lighting has solved the dilemma of premature power supply failure by utilizing watt-controlled drivers designed to stand up to extreme heat. Unlike other LED drivers, Deco LED watt-controlled drivers are rated for operation up to 90° Celsius (194 °F). Our process focuses on making the driver operate cooler and longer than the competition. How we do it: Our driver components are positioned on the circuit board in a manner that prevents the build-up of heat. Our circuit boards are arranged in a way that allows our driver components to touch the metal housing so the driver components can be used as a heat sink. We insulate key heat-sensitive components inside the driver. Deco Lighting ensures quality in every component that comprises their LED lighting fixtures, from high-quality Nichia LEDs to finely-engineered heat transfer castings to state-of-the-art drivers. There’s a reason Deco Lighting offers a ten-year, one hundred thousand hour warranty, which includes labor. Deco's warranty backs up the confidence they have in their products. For more information about our LED drivers or other products please visit or contact us at (800) 613-DECO with any questions. … [Read more...]

Benefits of LED Downlights

Benefits of LED Downlights

  One of the best things about LEDs is their flexibility. With countless potential arrangements, LED lighting allows for dozens of different fixtures and retrofits; and while traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are extremely limited in terms of their applications, LED lighting can be designed to suit almost any purpose. For instance, Deco Lighting’s new LED Retrofit Downlights include the DLED-E-RET-4, the DLED-E-RET-6, and the DLED-SQ-RET-4, which produce higher-quality light than fluorescent lamps. Each of Deco’s new LED Retrofit Downlights deliver a lifetime of over 100,000 hours and come with a ten year warranty. Additionally, these new downlights are available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K with a CRI greater than 85, and are dimmable down to one percent. Some of the most popular types of LED fixtures are LED downlights due to their efficiency, durability, and safety. If you’re new to the world of LED lighting fixtures, here are some advantages worth taking into consideration: Efficiency LED downlights use only a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting solutions. Replacing your existing lights with Deco LED lighting fixtures will result in dramatic energy savings. Flexibility LED downlights are usually recessed into the ceiling, giving you more design flexibility and providing you with the freedom to arrange your interior lighting exactly the way you want. Moreover, LEDs are available in numerous colors giving you full control of how an area is lit. There is no other lighting solution that is so creatively customizable. Low Maintenance LED downlights and Retrofits last longer than their traditional counterparts, which means you spend less money on replacement bulbs and less time on maintaining your fixtures. Safety Safer than traditional lighting solutions, LED downlights produce far less heat than traditional lighting methods, doing far less damage to the fixture itself. Deco Lighting is an industry leading … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right LED Canopy Lighting Fixture

LED canopy lighting fixtures are designed to mount above the lighting area and provide even and direct light. While LED canopy lights serve a variety of applications, it’s important to note that certain canopy light fixtures are best suited for certain purposes, and when it comes to canopy lighting, there are several different types to take into consideration. If you’re thinking about utilizing canopy lighting for your installation and are searching for an LED solution, here are some questions to consider: Where is My Installation? Some fixtures are designed for interior uses and others are designed for exterior uses. LED canopy fixtures that are usually used in garages are probably not the best option for lighting a retail interior. Exterior models feature tougher temperature standards and more environmental resistance. What is My Design? Lighting fixtures represent an extension of your design philosophy. It isn’t just about lighting an area, it’s about accenting the design cues you wish to emphasize. With different designs available for different LED lighting fixtures, you’ll want to take the time to find one that perfectly suits your existing visual themes. For example, the Deco D536-LED canopy light is a heavy-duty canopy fixture that provides symmetrical light distribution, making it perfect for garages, stairwells, and warehouses. What is My Existing Situation? If you’re starting from scratch you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing LED lighting fixtures. If you have existing canopy lights, however, you’ll need to find an LED solution that’s compatible with the design. Deco Lighting’s canopy LED lighting fixtures are engineered with retrofits in mind, and easily fit into existing layouts. With tons of different shapes, sizes, model types, and trim options, Deco Lighting provides an unmatched selection that guarantees you’ll be able to find the perfect lighting fixtures for any imaginable application. Our fixtures are the best in the … [Read more...]

Improve Lighting Efficiency and Quality with LED Retrofit Kits

LEDs have been shown to deliver high quality, flexible lighting that outperforms fluorescent lights in every possible measurement, and not only do they provide better light, they’re also more energy efficient and require less maintenance. As a result, the lifetime cost of using LEDs is far lower than using fluorescent lighting, and upgrading your existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with a Deco Lighting LED lighting solution will yield massive savings on your energy bill and lower your overall maintenance costs. With their full line of easy-to-install LED retrofit kits that fit nearly any existing fluorescent fixture, Deco Lighting makes it easy for you to convert outdated lighting installations. Deco’s Linea Series of Retrofit Kits include LED upgrade solutions for existing direct and indirect center basket fixtures, high bay fixtures, vapor tight fixtures, 4’ or 8’ fixtures, and 1′x4′, 2’x2’, or 2’x4’ fixtures. Furthermore, all of Deco’s retrofit kits are on the DLC Qualified Products List, meaning they meet stringent standards of performance and are eligible for utility rebates. When considering the overall savings generated by LED lighting, the decision to retrofit your existing fluorescent fixtures is an easy one to make. If savings and longevity are your goals, one of Deco Lighting’s retrofit kits is exactly what you need, and installation is easy enough to knock out in as little as five minutes with only a few simple steps. Deco LED retrofit kits provide you with greater control, more flexibility, and higher quality lighting across the board, and after retrofitting your fixture with a Deco LED upgrade kit, you’ll immediately see a difference in the quality of your lighting and a reduction in your energy bill. With any of Deco’s retrofit kits, you’re not only getting cheaper lighting, you’re getting better lighting, and lets face it, there aren’t many areas in any business where cheaper translates to better. Switching to one of Deco Lighting’s LED … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Lighting with LED Wall Packs

The way in which you light your facility has an immeasurable impact on its appeal, its functionality, and the safety of your employees and guests. Lighting represents one of the largest energy costs a business owner must face, and is more important than many business owners realize when creating a space that not only looks welcoming, but also ensures that everyone can conduct business safely. LED lighting has been proven to consume less energy and emit higher-quality light than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. Moreover, LEDs have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement. Deco Lighting offers a robust selection of LED wall packs suitable for almost any application. Whether you need commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, or any other type of lighting, we have a wall pack that can do the job. For example, our D418 LED wall pack is perfect for parking areas, walkways, underpasses, and loading docks, and our D412 LED Mini Full Cutoff Wall pack comes in a compact size flexible enough for almost any setting and features a full-cutoff design preventing light leaks above the zero-degree horizontal mark. Industrial LED lighting solutions need to be reliable and strong, and with a durable aluminum housing that can stand up to even the toughest of outdoor locations, the D404 LED Large Wall Pack is a perfect solution for any industrial LED installation. Upgrading your fixtures with LEDs will ensure you have the lowest possible lighting costs with the most powerful and adaptable lights, and Deco Lighting makes it easy with their easy-to-install series of LED retrofit kits. For instance, Deco’s Linea 2ft and 4ft LED upgrade kit converts existing 1’x4’, 2’x2’, and 2’x4’ fixtures to energy-saving LED fixture in minutes. No matter what type of lighting application you have in mind, Deco Lighting has an LED solution to suit your needs. For more information or inquiries please visit … [Read more...]

Switching to Wireless LED Lighting

Despite often being overlooked, lighting is an essential facet to any organization. Lighting affects the productivity of employees, the impression of customers and clients, as well as energy expenditures. Deco Lighting makes is easy for business owners to take charge of their lighting, offering several wireless LED lighting controls systems, such as the Deco Digital LED Cloud fixture. Upgrading from a traditional lighting setup to a wirelessly controlled LED configuration will give you greater control over your lights, the aesthetics they generate, and the energy they use. The unique properties of Deco’s LED lights make them more attractive and more durable, but also more flexible and efficient. Custom Fits Traditional lighting solutions give you a one-size-fits all application for your entire facility. Deco wireless LED fixtures allow you to adjust light levels in different areas so that employees have exactly the light they need for their given tasks. Customization is key to any successful commercial LED lighting application, and with Deco wireless controls, business owners don’t have to worry about too much or too little lighting in any one part of their space. For instance, Deco’s DHBX multipurpose LED fixture features integrated wireless controls that allow you to customize your lighting based on department and task, improving your organization’s overall efficiency and workflow. On-the-Fly Adjustment If the sun is shining through your windows and your office is naturally bright, you may not need the full power of your lights, and while traditional lighting setups allow you to choose only “on” or “off,” Deco Lighting’s Linea Series of retrofit kits include wireless controls that make it easy to add and remove light depending on the time of day or outside lighting conditions. Deco’s commercial wireless LED solutions, allow you to adjust your lights according to your facility’s current natural light level. Personalization Everyone is unique, and different … [Read more...]

Commercial LED Lighting Gives You Flexibility in Design

You may not realize it, but light plays a major role in creating a positive buying experience for your customers. Not only is light necessary for establishing the right mood for your establishment (think Hollister’s darkened corners compared to Forever 21’s bright show floor), it’s vital for highlighting specific products and guiding the visual attention of your visitors. If you’re not using lighting to your advantage, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Deco’s commercial LED lighting solutions provide maximum flexibility in design, and because Deco LEDs do not have the same design requirements as traditional lighting, they offer unlimited flexibility and an extensive range of shapes and sizes. Using outdated, energy-wasting incandescent or fluorescent lighting to illuminate your establishment can significantly limit your business, but Deco Lighting’s array of LED fixtures and Linea Series of retrofit kits are applicable in non-traditional layouts, consuming less energy and emitting less heat than traditional fixtures. Upgrading your lighting with Deco LED solutions will give you control over your lighting, significantly reduce your lighting expenses, and improve the ambiance of your organization. Create an Identity with Lighting Lighting has the power to influence the way people react to an environment, and plays a huge role in how visitors perceive your establishment. There is a reason some restaurants feel more romantic than others, for example. Lighting says a lot about what customers can expect from your business and what type of experience you offer. Carefully, tuning your lighting to create a unique visual identity will help you stand out from competitors and make your retail locations more memorable and appealing. It isn’t just about retail either; carefully controlling light levels in a commercial space can help potential clients feel more secure or confident in your operation regardless of the services you provide. Deco Lighting is always … [Read more...]

About LED Lighting Fixtures

At Deco Lighting, we believe in the power of LEDs. While thousands of businesses and facilities still rely on traditional incandescent or fluorescent technologies to power their operations, we work to help savvy business owners make the transition to more efficient, durable, and attractive light sources. Deco Digital’s line of LED Retrofit Kits converts existing fixtures into energy-saving LED fixtures, and allow for significant reduction in power consumption. Simply put, LED lighting fixtures are more adaptable, burn less energy, and create a more desirable lighting environment than any traditional lighting solution. Here’s why: Better Lighting = Happy Customers and Employees If you’ve ever worked under the glare of fluorescent lights for hours at a time, you know how much strain they can put on your eyes. LED lighting fixtures like the Deco Digital Cloud fixture, create a pure, clean light that doesn’t cause as much visual strain as traditional lighting solutions. As a result LED lighting creates a more pleasant working environment for employees and a more pleasant shopping experience for clients and customers. Efficiency = Cash Savings One of the biggest costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar business is the cost of energy. Businesses use a lot of electricity, and there’s no real way to avoid it. But you can reduce your energy bill by retrofitting your facility with energy efficient LED lights. Swapping out your current lighting solution for LED lighting fixtures can net you enormous savings when the energy bill comes. Deco Digital’s LED Retrofit kits are designed for maximum energy efficiency and feature up to 75% power reduction when compared with fluorescent tubes. LED Technology = Flexibility One of the best features of LEDs is their unlimited flexibility. Because they do not rely on age-old technology that demands a certain bulb shape or size, LED lighting can be implemented in almost any environment for almost any purpose. For … [Read more...]

Intelligent Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Every business has lighting demands, and whether you’re attempting to keep a shipping/loading facility well lit, trying to make a retail space attractive for customers, or simply working to provide employees with high quality light so that they may work more efficiently, you will require a lighting solution that’s up to the task. Deco Lighting is an industry leading manufacturer of commercial LED lighting solutions that can be tailored to any purpose and setting. Offering the latest in green technology, energy saving lighting, and efficient controls, Deco Lighting continually wins industry awards and patents for their unique product designs. Deco Digital’s line of LED Retrofit Kits is a prime example of Deco’s product innovation. Designed for maximum energy efficiency, these retrofit kits convert existing fixtures into LED fixtures, and feature up to 75% power reduction when compared with fluorescent tubes. In commercial buildings, lighting accounts for up to 40% of total energy cost. However, lighting control solutions can reduce lighting energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings by up to 70%. Deco Digital’s retrofit products are also compatible with the Daintree Networks Integrated Wireless Controller. This controller gives you the ability to control and monitor your lighting fixtures through a wireless network, eliminating the need to run control wires from each fixture back to the network’s central controller, thereby reducing energy costs. Here’s a quick glance at how you can employ our commercial LED lighting solutions: Emergency Lighting The importance of reliable and high-efficiency emergency lights cannot be overstated. Emergency lighting is critical for keeping employees and customers safe, and Deco Lighting offers a wide range of battery-powered emergency lights that automatically power on when the rest of your lights fail.  For instance, Deco’s Miniature Adjustable Emergency LED Light, offers a contemporary design, full … [Read more...]

Outdoor LED Lighting Makes Your Building More Secure

One of the most important factors in running a brick and mortar business is ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. As a business owner, security should be among your highest priorities, both for the sake of the impression it gives and for the sake of protecting your assets. Outdoor LED Lighting for Safety At Get Deco, we offer several outdoor LED lighting solutions that can help you to keep your building feeling safe and secure. Our floodlights and bollards provide you with flexible, efficient lighting that keeps your facility illuminated and leaves your customers and employees comfortable with their environment. LED lighting is far superior to traditional lighting solutions, delivering better longevity, greater efficiency, brighter, cleaner light, and more flexible application options. Get Deco provides outdoor LED lighting fixtures and bulbs to suit all situations. Whether you need a few small lights to take care of a walkway or require a bigger, more powerful solution for lighting a loading bay or parking lot, we have the gear you need. LED lighting has a lower lifetime cost than traditional lighting solutions; LED bulbs last longer, require less maintenance, and waste less energy. LED solutions are perfect fits for both remodeling or retrofitting processes along with new construction. Whatever the lighting problem, there’s an outdoor LED lighting solution. Overall, LED lights make for a compelling choice when looking to light an outdoor space. They achieve the same functions traditional lighting solutions achieve, but they do it better, longer, and cleaner. For more information about outdoor LED lighting and how we can help you please visit or contact us at 800.613.DECO. … [Read more...]

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting Fixtures?

Get Deco is an industry leading supplier of LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. Our focus on LED technology has led us to stock only the highest quality lighting solutions available; a lighting solution from Get Deco represents the best technology the market has to offer at the most competitive price available. We often receive inquiries from customers about the potential benefits of either retrofitting a facility with LED lighting fixtures or using them with new construction. With that in mind, here’s a quick overview of what LED lighting can do for you: Lower Energy Bills Commercial buildings use a lot of power, and the energy bill is often one of the largest drains on an operation’s profit margin. LED lighting fixtures not only use less energy in total than incandescent and fluorescent lighting solutions, they also utilize the energy they do use more efficiently. Expect to see big reductions in your energy bill after deploying LED lighting. Higher Quality Light LED lighting fixtures improve quality in two key ways: The light offered by LEDs is cleaner than traditional lighting, and it’s also brighter. It takes fewer LED lights to illuminate a given space than traditional lights, and the LED solution will be more flexible and more aesthetically pleasing due to the high purity of the light. Lower Maintenance LED lights have a much lower need for maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. Bulbs last much longer than their incandescent counterparts, and fixtures experience less wear and tear thanks to fewer bulb replacements. This results in savings in both maintenance labor and raw maintenance supplies -- if you’re not replacing bulbs every couple of months, you’re saving money over a traditional lighting solution. Overall, LED lighting fixtures are the smartest lighting solution a business can select. Their increased performance, lower maintenance cost, and greater efficiency make them the ideal solution for any business looking to cut costs, … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting

Recessed LED Lighting

There’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to lighting your business. While the most common traditional lighting solution is likely the standard fluorescent fixtures, some businesses do rely on incandescent bulbs to highlight specific areas of a retail space or behind-the-scenes offices. However, when considering lighting setups for either a new business or a remodel, it’s worth considering recessed LED lighting as an option. Recessed LED lighting offers several key advantages over traditional lighting solutions: Open Your Space Recessed lighting softens the boundaries between individual lighting areas and makes your ceilings seem higher than they actually are. This creates more open space in general, which in turn can make your retail or commercial space seem more inviting. Customers notice lighting, even if they don’t express it- it is noticed. Create Your Look Recessed LED lighting gives you more flexibility in how you approach lighting a space. Recessed LEDs can be used as spotlights, ambient lights, or whatever else the situation may require. They also provide for adjustable light levels, allowing you to fine-tune the lighting in each area of your space for the best possible work and sales environment. Lights can highlight the products you want to highlight, and recessed lighting gives you deeper control. Lower Your Bills One of the biggest advantages of switching to recessed LED lighting comes in the form of a massively reduced monthly energy bill. While traditional lighting solutions burn off the majority of the energy they draw as heat, LEDs are exceptionally efficient. An LED retrofit can cut your energy bill in half; imagine the change in your business’s bottom line if you could immediately cut 30-50% of your current energy use. Overall, recessed LED lighting is an attractive, flexible, and efficient lighting solution that gives you all the light you need at a fraction of your current maintenance and energy costs. LED … [Read more...]

What Can LED Lighting Fixtures Do for Your Business?

Converting your business from traditional lighting solutions to LED lighting fixtures is an excellent way to get started on a new path toward energy efficiency and true lighting control. Because LED lights are so advanced compared to their traditional competitors, investing in LED can have an incredible impact on your business’s bottom line and its appeal to customers. LEDs are also environmentally friendly, giving you one more angle to highlight when promoting your business. Energy Efficiency It is estimated that converting your entire business to LED lighting fixtures will generate enough energy savings to provide a return on the investment within two to three years. LED lights use only a third of the energy required by old-school lighting solutions and burn less of this energy off as heat. You can also use fewer LED lights, as the light created is brighter and more uniform. Aesthetics If you have a customer-facing operation, converting to LED lighting fixtures delivers ancillary benefits. LED lights can be finely-tuned to create exactly the atmosphere you desire, and the reduction of glare and hotspots makes for no better way to attractively light a given space than with LED technology. Control LED lighting fixtures enable you to demonstrate incredible control over where your light does and doesn’t go. If your business is located in an area where strict regulations cover light spill, LED lights can assist you in ensuring your business is well-lit without infringing on nearby homes or other businesses. This control is simply unavailable in standard incandescent or florescent lighting setups. The way in which you light your business is critical for the productivity of your employees, the attraction of your customers, and the total on your monthly energy bill. LED lighting fixtures give you flexibility and efficiency you won’t’ find in any other lighting solution; investing in an LED lighting conversion will certainly pay off for you and your business … [Read more...]

Outdoor LED Lighting for Safety and Efficiency

Outdoor lighting is key in guaranteeing the safety of your facility. Not only does a well-lit outdoor area ensure that employees and guests are able to come and go during the night hours without concern, it also acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves and criminals. It’s hard to sneak into a building if that building offers no shadows in which to vanish -- dark areas are perfect places for break-ins and other criminal activities. The problem with outdoor lighting, of course, is that it represents and enormous energy cost. Running outdoor lights all night, every night can quickly raise your electric bill into the stratosphere. And performing maintenance on lights every few months certainly comes with costs of its own. That’s why outdoor LED lighting has become such an in-demand alternative for organizations that still want beautiful outdoor lights but also want more efficiency and lower energy costs. The LED Difference LED lighting solutions have been shown to provide higher quality light with a dramatic reduction in energy burned. While traditional lights burn into heat a great deal of the energy they pull, LEDs use almost all of the energy they pull for light generation. LEDs also have a longer lifespan than traditional lights and can be installed in much more interesting ways due to not being so reliant on decades-old fixture shapes and designs. Replacing your existing outdoor lights with outdoor LED lighting will result in a dramatic reduction in energy used, lower maintenance costs (LEDs last longer than traditional lighting solutions), and more control over how you light the area. The light created is also purer and cleaner; say goodbye to harsh yellow tones fired off by aging lighting systems. You’ll find outdoor LED lighting solutions to fit all purposes, from lighting a small garden to keeping a loading dock secure. There are two big benefits to LED lighting in general: It’s more efficient and flexible. Outdoor LED lighting solutions are no … [Read more...]

10 Simple Ways to Save the Earth


  On the first earth day in 1970, the skies in industrial cities were gray with pollution, and a nasty film of soot covered cars and clothes hanging out to dry. Trash flew across US highways, and cigarette butts were dumped everywhere. Today it’s a different story, smog is something that we see in pictures of Beijing and Shanghai. No one in a state with a recycling law would dream of throwing away a can of Coca Cola, and supermarkets have stopped providing plastic bags. The Green revolution has momentum and a great tailwind behind it to yield greater good. On this Earth Day in 2014 here are some simple ways to save energy, the environment, and money all at the same time!   Install a Programmable Thermostat - Invest in a Nest Thermostat, if your thermostat isn’t programmed you could be wasting around $173 a year. Because many of us don’t program our thermostats - they’re just too complicated! Minimize Phantom Loads - The term “phantom load” refers to the energy that an appliance or electronic device consumes when it is not actually turned on. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), “In the average home, 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off.” Unplug your appliances when not in use or try the Belkin Conserve Switch. Change your light bulbs - LED Lighting has come down so much in price and its efficiencies have increased to make it the go to source for new lighting in all applications. If you need new lights for your home, the best bang for your buck would come from the CREE Series of Light Bulbs at Home Depot. Take Shorter Showers - Cutting shower time can save a surprising amount of water, using an average number of 2.5 gallons per minute from the typical shower head, reducing your shower length by 4 minutes per day would save (assuming you shower every day, ahem) 3650 gallons per year. In addition to saving water, you also save the energy required to heat that … [Read more...]

Collisions Colearning Connectedness In Downtown Las Vegas


  I was recently invited to joinTechCocktail week's Las Vegas event here in Downtown Las Vegas. This area has experience an immense transformation since Tony Hsieh has committed $350MM of his own money including some investors to bring Collisions Colearning Connectedness to this once sleepy area of town. Tony himself opens up his home office atop the 15th floor of the Ogden apartment complex to show the community and new businesses the future and the group vision for the new community. I will be the first to say, I visit Vegas all the time but have never set foot in this part of town, but being here the past 3 days I don't suffer any Vegas fatigue you usually experience from staying on the strip: walking, tourists, smoke, dinging of the slot machines. No, here its much much different, its where locals hang out and new people come to start their lives in a blossoming community. This is not just a techie community but there is a whole ecosystem and community being built around new businesses, arts, and incubators powering the new economy of Las Vegas. To me it only makes sense where the cost of living and salary expectations of the hot markets of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York make Las Vegas the best place to be. You have access to the best entertainment and restaurants in the world and a growing talent pool of young people looking to make a difference in the world. The community is small but growing, and many of the old motels are being transformed into new offices and learning facilities. A few of the highlights on my experience here: Wild -Gluten free organic farm to table food La Comida - Hip Latin fusion restaurant that used to be in an old hotel's laundry room Writers Block - A new coffee shop and place where they have a machine to publish your books Gold Spike - An old casino hotel, turned into a cool lounge with no slot machines but with fun games just to hang out Eat. - A new restaurant from an … [Read more...]

Google And Future with Larry Page


I had the chance to recently watch Larry Page's TED Talk with Charlie Rose that was from the recent TED Conference in Vancouver. It offered a glimpse into one of the greatest thinkers and innovators of our time. Google's mission is to organize the world's data and make it accessible to everyone. They are continuously trying to do this, and in turn helping the other two-thirds of the world that do not have internet experience it with internet balloons. Above all, I have a feeling that machine learning from computers will get better and better, and less clunky as it is now. Our computers will know where we are, what we need to do, and help us accomplish our goals. I know it sounds scary, like the movie Her, but it will be a reality at some point along with self driving cars. He concluded by saying "if you’re working because you want to change the world and make it better; if the company you work for is worthy of your time, why not your money as well? We just don’t think about that. I’d like for us to help out more than we are.” Which is a noble cause and more corporations should think this way. There is always a higher purpose in life and in business which should always come before profits.   I look forward to the future, do you? … [Read more...]

By 2020, LEDs May Rival Regular Lightbulbs in Cost Without Rebates


Happy Friday Everyone! It is exciting to see LED technology finally having its time to disrupt traditional inefficient incandescent lighting. As volume production increases, and prices come down, affordability rises. We have seen this parallel in many new industries and technologies, LED Lighting is not like the iPod replacing the Walkman but more like solar panels on the roof replacing diesel generators. As the efficacy (lumens/watt) of LED increases and costs come down it makes more and more sense to make the switch. Rebates from utilities and other programs help get early adopters into new technologies like solar and LED lighting, but the real growth happens when the price performance is almost at parity or better than current incumbent technologies making it a no brainer for consumers to switch.     Organizations like Nichia, CREE, and Philips are at the leading edge trying to squeeze more light out every diode for less dollars, which in turn will allow all of us to use less energy and produce less greenhouse gasses. Its an exciting time, the next time you are in a parking lot or building look up and look for what kind of light you see. You will be surprised how much more LED lighting you will se as time progresses. … [Read more...]

LED Lighting – The More Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Solution

With every new generation of technology comes big gains in terms of efficiency and lifespan. While homes and businesses have been lit with incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lights for several decades, LED lighting is quickly becoming the go-to solution for those looking to lower their energy costs and have less of a negative impact on the environment that surrounds them. LEDs are a more efficient and environmentally sound lighting solution for several key reasons: Lower Energy Use LED lighting is one of the most efficient lighting solutions available. LEDs have been recorded as using 75% less energy than their traditional counterparts. This translates into big savings when the energy bill comes, not to mention the positive environmental benefits that come with using less power. According to, widespread use of LED technology could result in saving energy equal to the output of 44 large electric power plants. At current energy prices, this represents about $30 billion in savings. Longer Lifespan There’s a second component to environmentally sound technologies: the creation of waste. LED lights have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, lasting up to 25 times longer in many cases. Bulbs with longer lifespans do not have to be replaced as frequently, which in turn results in a dramatic reduction in the amount of waste being created by each home and business. In short, LED lighting solutions allow you to limit the amount of energy you use when lighting your business or home and have a positive impact on the environment, all while lowering your maintenance costs and putting a big dent in your average energy bill. They are a stronger and more efficient option than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in practically every measurable way. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting  is the next big thing when it comes to keeping your home illuminated. LED lights create warm, beautiful tones and last far longer than traditional lighting solutions. Additionally, they provide one of the most energy-efficient lighting options for homes and businesses. If you’re new to the world of LED lighting, here’s a quick look at some of the biggest advantages they offer: Life of Service LED bulbs have an incredible lifespan when compared to the traditional light bulb. LEDs have expected operating times of up to 50,000 hours. In other words, leaving your LED lights on for eight hours a day, seven days a week, would give you roughly 10 years of use before you’d need to seek a replacement. Additionally, flipping LED lights on and off has no effect on the lifespan of the bulb. Flexibility of Design One of the most powerful benefits of LED lights is the fact that they can be used to light almost any shape and provide immense flexibility of design. Because individual lights can be joined together but still controlled on their own, LED lighting provides you with the ability to fine-tune lighting to perfectly match any given space. Energy Efficiency LEDs are far more efficient that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, lighting specific areas more effectively and relying on less energy to do so. Additionally, they waste a much smaller amount of energy in the form of heat, are not vulnerable to breakage (LEDs contain no glass), and draw very little power – making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Overall, LED lights provide you with a flexible, efficient, and long-lasting lighting application. LEDs are better than traditional lighting solutions in almost every possible way, not to mention the fact that the light they give off is cleaner and causes less heat. If you need a new lighting solution, LED lighting is going to be the best way to go long-term. … [Read more...]