Deco Lighting is a very unique breed of lighting manufacturer. We understand that everyone has a special set of skills; we all have something that we’re good at. At Deco, we value the exceptional skills and distinctive character of each individual, which is why each member of the Deco team represents a superhero that is characteristic of him or her. We believe that if we give ourselves the chance to discover and develop our own special skills, we can enrich our lives and the lives of others. When our passionate, forward-thinking team of superheroes comes together, we work effectively to create a service-driven organization. Our dedication and positive spirits make us easy to do business with and allow us to continually innovate and improve our products. As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies.


Our Core Values

I. Easy to do business with

II. Continue to constantly innovate

III. Be receptive and take ownership in everything we do

IV. Provide the best warranty and service support in the industry

V. Provide the best delivery time

VI. Build products to last a lifetime

VII. Be passionate and determined in everything we do

VIII. Build a positive team and family spirit

IX. Be proactive and do it the first time around

X. Maintain long term relationships with our customers…
To light up their lives and save energy