Interview with an Engineer: Chris Louie

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In this edition of Interview with an Engineer!, we sat down with Chris Louie to get a more acquainted with him and to learn about his prior experiences as a design engineer. Chris is a master of taking older products and revitalizing them for optimal functionality. His ability to devise all-new designs for dated fixtures shows how ingrained constant innovation is into Chris’ personality. Focused on finding solutions to problems, Chris takes any information that he sees relevant to the task at hand and applies it to his design process. He has proven his problem solving abilities time and time again, and is one of the many stellar design engineers at Deco Lighting.

Chris Louie


DECO: What are some tasks you manage here at DECO and what is one of your favorite things to work on?

Chris:  I do a little of everything here. I mostly deal with revitalizing old products. I like seeing when projects are finished and they are self-sufficient.

DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past?

Chris: I’ve work on almost all of the products here. Some projects that I’ve worked on include the GO-LED Retrofit Kit and D533-PRO canopy light, along with several area lights and wall packs.

DECO: What drove you to become a design engineer and why do you enjoy working in this role?

Chris: I like seeing how things are made and I really enjoy problem-solving.

DECO: What has been your most significant accomplishment as a design engineer?

Chris: Finishing up old legacy products that were stuck in R&D limbo like the Game Over LED Retrofit Kit.

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DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of engineering and the lighting industry?

Chris: I enjoy doing dragon boat racing on the weekends. It is like canoeing but with 20 people on the boat. It’s a great way to exercise, get outdoors and hang out with a bunch of cool people.

DECO: In the LED lighting industry, what do you see as one of the most exciting developments in the near future that will make a large impact?

Chris: Wireless control and color tuning; those technologies give more power and flexibility to the end user.

How do you typically go about starting a project and working to meet the customer’s specifications?

Chris: I try and get as much of the information beforehand in order to see what needs to be done and ensure that’s done both correctly and in a timely manner.

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