Interview with an Engineer: Renato Daina

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Renato DainaWelcome back to Interview With an Engineer! This week, we took a quick moment to talk with Renato Daina, one of our awesome design engineers, to learn a bit about him and what he has worked on in the past. As a design engineer, Renato spends a lot of his time designing all-new fixtures for DECO or reworking current designs for better functionality. Renato joined the company back in September and has proved himself an invaluable part of the design team, putting forth his best ideas to create innovative designs for DECO Digital LED fixtures.

DECO: What are some tasks you manage here at DECO and what is one of your favorite things to work on?
RENATO: I manage projects in new product development and also problem solving on existing products. My favorite thing to do here is come up with brand new innovative product designs.

DECO: What different projects have you worked on in the past?
RENATO: I have worked on the development of toys, consumer electronics, furniture, as well as juvenile products such as baby strollers. I also have an extensive background in graphic design, working on a range of materials from brochures to advertisements.

Mural by Renato Daina
Mural art by Renato Daina. Shanghai, 2010

DECO: What drove you to become a design engineer and why do you enjoy working in this role?
RENATO: My main motivator is to create cool new products that I can be proud of. I especially enjoy the design engineer role because it gives me the chance to develop great new products based on my own designs.

DECO: What are some hobbies you hold outside of engineering and the lighting industry?
RENATO: I really enjoy painting, sculpting, creating murals, and really designing almost anything. I also love snowboarding, beach activities, and travelling.

DECO: In the LED lighting industry, what do you see as one of the most exciting developments in the near future that will make a large impact?
RENATO: I’m really looking forward to the continued development of even more efficient, better-looking LED fixtures that are easier to install.

Fine Art on Canvas by Renato Daina
Fine Art on Canvas by Renato Daina

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