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Medium Wall Pack

The D470-LED medium wall pack provides a cost-effective, durable and efficient exterior light source for any application with maximum performance and minimum maintenance. The D470-LED delivers up to 128 lumens per watt of energy-efficient LED performance paired with a traditional design.

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DWH LED vapor tight
Industrial Vaportite

The DWH series is an energy efficient industrial vaportite fixure that features rugged and durable construction. This series incorporates a full metal fixture housing channel inside a reinforced fiberglass housing with a high impact diffuser and positive cam latching. The DWH series is suitable for interior and exterior applications and can be surface or chain mounted. This fixture has been designed for maximum performance in commercial, institutional and industrial environments where weathering, high temperature, humidity and dust or corrosive fumes are present.

GO Latch Door Frame LED Retrofit Kit
Door Frame Kit

The revolutionary and highly efficient Game Over LED Latch & Close door frame retrofit kit features easy installation and offers a cost-saving solution for upgrading fluorescent troffers or parabolics to LED technology. Ideal for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces. The GO-LED Latch and Close retrofit kit is available in neutral white 4000K, features dimming standard and delivers the most advanced LED technology on the market with an efficacy of 130 lumens per watt. DLC Premium listed for enhanced utility rebates, the GO-LED Latch Kit provides a simpler, quicker solution than piece-style retrofit kits and can be installed in 3-5 minutes.

D462 slim LED wall pack
Slim Wall Pack

The D462 slim wall pack is an ideal wall-mount solution for illuminating apartment complexes, parks, shopping malls, courtyards, and other outdoor locations. Featuring an integrated photocell standard, the D462 pairs a simple, functional design with high efficacy performance. The D462 is designed to withstand the elements for the entirety of its useful lifetime, featuring a durable construction comprised of a die-cast aluminum housing and anti-static powder coat paint finish.

D208 medium LED flood light
Medium Flood

The functional and aesthetically pleasing D208-LED is ideal for buildings, backyards, parks, signs, sports fields, and other general applications where flood lighting may come into use. Also suitable for accent, facade, landscape, parking lot, pathway, recreation, retail and security lighting.

D207 small LED flood light
Small Flood

The functional and aesthetically pleasing D207-LED is ideal for buildings, backyards, parks, signs, sports fields, and other general applications where flood lighting may come into use. Also suitable for accent, facade, landscape, parking lot, pathway, recreation, retail and security lighting.

Wall Pack

The Vinci is an architectural style LED wall luminaire providing efficient light output using high performance, long-life LED chipsets. With a sturdy die-cast aluminum construction, this low-profile fixture includes a universal back box, stainless steel hardware and a sealed, gasketed optical compartment which secures the Vinci from outside contaminants. Designed for floodlight, pathway illumination, wall/surface applications, inverted mount for canopy lighting, post and bollard and site lighting. Common applications include school and institution, warehouse, apartment and condominium complexes, loading docks and more. Rated lifetime is 125,000 Hours (L70)

DHL low-profile linear LED high bay
High/Low Bay

The DHL-LP-LED is an innovative interior high bay lighting luminaire that delivers top-end performance packaged into a sleek form factor. This low-profile linear high bay/low bay luminaire offers commercial and industrial building owners an all-in-one solution for illuminating their facility while drastically reducing energy consumption to aid their bottom line. The DHL-LP-LED high bay luminaire features top-quality construction, a range of lumen packages, and various control options that make it a versatile solution for commercial and industrial building owners looking to upgrade to next-generation LED technology.

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DACH round LED channel fixture
Channel Light

The DACH-LED round series is a functional and multi-purpose channel family that incorporates premium performance and construction durability. The performance and application versatility makes this fixture usable in every application. This fixture can be installed using various mounting methods and numerous options and accessories are available. The DACH-LED round series can be the illumination solution in commercial, industrial, institutional and retail applications. An excellent choice for storage/utility areas, coves, display cases, shops, task and general area lighting.


DCH-RET strip LED retrofit kit
CHannel Retrofit

Convert your existing 4’ and 8’ fluorescent strips to our architectural high-end LED fixture by simply removing the ballast cover and installing our Deco Channel Retrofit Kit, which includes a ribbed diffuser lens designed to eliminate LED pixilation. It’s the perfect retrofit answer to save energy while upgrading the look of your fixtures to meet a higher, architectural standard.

This innovative kit is designed to retrofit 4’ and 8’ strips or to provide continuous runs to energy-saving LED. The DCH-RET-LED series is available in neutral or cool color temperatures and dimming comes standard. The DCH-RET-LED upgrade retrofit kit is easy to install and fits almost any existing 4’ or 8’ linear strip, making it a perfect upgrade option where energy savings and long life are critical.