Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting
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D952 LED high low bay
High/Low Bay

The D952 LED high bay/low bay pendant is a design-focused luminaire that can be used in any interior application from commercial to retail and anywhere in between. Pairing high efficacy LED performance with a range of reflector and lens options, the D952 is designed to deliver both top quality illumination and aesthetics to modern interior applications.

Canopy Light

The low-profile D533 PRO canopy light is perfectas  a low-power canopy or parking garage light and is well-suited for security, entry ways, and perimeter lighting. Featuring a motion sensor standard, sturdy construction and IP65 rated housing, the D533-PRO also delivers top-end performance at up to 154 lumens per watt.

D533R recessed LED canopy
Recessed Canopy Light

“The low-profile design of the D533R-LED is ideally suited for security,
covered entry ways, and soffit installation applications. The durable and
robust design allows for universal recessed mount compatibilities. Delivering
up to 6500 lumens while consuming between 36 and 50 watts, it’s the ideal
low-power utility light.”

High/Low Bay

The innovative new Bullet LED High Bay luminaire is sealed and weatherproof, IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications, including hosed down areas. Bullet is a distinctive architectural solution for commercial interiors with high open ceilings, including atriums, lobbies, auto dealership showrooms, convention centers, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and airport terminals. With a sealed weatherproof design, the Bullet is suitable for exterior entrances of office buildings, hotels, condos & apartments, movie theaters, airport departure areas, canopies, outdoor markets and shopping centers.

DCH-RET strip LED retrofit kit
CHannel Retrofit

Convert your existing 4’ and 8’ fluorescent strips to our architectural high-end LED fixture by simply removing the ballast cover and installing our Deco Channel Retrofit Kit, which includes a ribbed diffuser lens designed to eliminate LED pixilation. It’s the perfect retrofit answer to save energy while upgrading the look of your fixtures to meet a higher, architectural standard.

This innovative kit is designed to retrofit 4’ and 8’ strips or to provide continuous runs to energy-saving LED. The DCH-RET-LED series is available in neutral or cool color temperatures and dimming comes standard. The DCH-RET-LED upgrade retrofit kit is easy to install and fits almost any existing 4’ or 8’ linear strip, making it a perfect upgrade option where energy savings and long life are critical.

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