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The innovative new Bullet LED High Bay luminaire is sealed and weatherproof, IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications, including hosed down areas. Bullet is a distinctive architectural solution for commercial interiors with high open ceilings, including atriums, lobbies, auto dealership showrooms, convention centers, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and airport terminals. With a sealed weatherproof design, the Bullet is suitable for exterior entrances of office buildings, hotels, condos & apartments, movie theaters, airport departure areas, canopies, outdoor markets and shopping centers.

High/Low Bay
D952 LED high low bay

The D952 LED high bay/low bay pendant is a design-focused luminaire that can be used in any interior application from commercial to retail and anywhere in between. Pairing high efficacy LED performance with a range of reflector and lens options, the D952 is designed to deliver both top quality illumination and aesthetics to modern interior applications.

High/Low Bay
DHBX LED high bay

The best of its kind, the Deco LED High Bay luminaire was designed specifically to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor. Its low pro le, light weight design and versatile mounting options make it ideal for many applications such as high bay lighting, warehouses, factories, cold storage, restricted access areas, service areas and other applications with mounting heights greater than 14 ft.

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DHL low-profile linear LED high bay

The DHL-LP-LED is an innovative interior high bay lighting luminaire that delivers top-end performance packaged into a sleek form factor. This low-profile linear high bay/low bay luminaire offers commercial and industrial building owners an all-in-one solution for illuminating their facility while drastically reducing energy consumption to aid their bottom line. The DHL-LP-LED high bay luminaire features top-quality construction, a range of lumen packages, and various control options that make it a versatile solution for commercial and industrial building owners looking to upgrade to next-generation LED technology.

High/Low Bay
DUFO round LED high bay

AVAILABLE MID-SEPTEMBER 2018: The DUFO-LED High Bay luminaire delivers state-of-the-art design, paired with energy efficiency for all of your commercial applications. Its unique circular form factor allows for uniform light distribution. Optimal for high ceilings, the DUFO-LED is suitable for retail spaces, gyms, industrial spaces, transit facilities, and recreational applications. This energy efficient solution to improve high ceiling environments, provides substantial cost savings in comparison to traditional HID lighting fixtures.

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