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DWH LED vapor tight

The DWH series is an energy ef cient industrial vaportite xure that features rugged and durable construction. This series incorporates a full metal xture housing channel inside a reinforced berglass housing with a high impact diffuser and positive cam latching. The DWH series is suitable for interior and exterior applications and can be surface or chain mounted. This xture has been designed for maximum performance in commercial, institutional and industrial environments where weathering, high temperature, humidity and dust or corrosive fumes are present.

Vapor Tight
DWH-LP industrial LED vapor tight

The DWH-LP industrial vapor tight combines high performance, energy-efficient LED technology with a rugged construction specifically designed to suit areas requiring a high level of protection against the environment, including transit areas, parking garages, cold storage units, docks, and exterior environments where moisture or dust are a concern.

Industrial Vapor Tight

The DWP is a high quality LED enclosed vapor tight luminaire specifically designed for long-term, element prone installations. The DWP features 0-10V dimming standard and consists of an internal steel gear tray enclosed in durable fiberglass, featuring high quality paint finishes and superior electrical components. This luminaire is an excellent choice for food processing areas, car washes, cool storage areas, beverage and bottling facilities, exterior retail, construction sites, gymnasiums and locations subject to the elements.

Vapor Tight