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Lens Type

The Ronde Direct/Indirect interior architectural luminaire gives you the choice of form and mounting. Available with a straight or mono-point cable, the RNI luminaire will create an effect that will enhance the aesthetic of any space. The Ronde features a minimalist, modern design and is best suited for offices, lobbies, retail, schools, libraries, and themed spaces.

Vector Mud-In-Flange

The Vector 2 is a 2 7/16” wide linear architectural luminaire delivering excellent illumination for offices, laboratories, libraries, and commercial spaces. Offered in standard lengths of 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’, and available in seamless runs of any length in 1-foot increments, the Mud-in-Flange variant of the Vector allows designers to provide a sleek, minimalist look for interior spaces. Blending seamlessly with walls and ceilings, the Vector Mud-in-Flange removes all traces of the light fixture, save for the light itself.

LED Fixture

The design-driven Game Over LED Fixture features easy installation and delivers a cost-saving solution for upgrading fluorescent troffers or parabolics to LED technology. Ideal for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces. All of Deco’s Game Over LED Fixtures come standard dimmable and offer the most advanced LED technology on the market with efficacies of up to 130 lumens per watt. GO-LED Fixtures are manufactured with quality components and finishes, resulting in consistent and balanced lighting when mixing configurations in the same space. A main diffuser and slanted troffer reduce the GO Fixture’s glare to provide soft, dispersed illumation with the comfort of inhabitants in mind. With their visual appeal and ease of installation, Deco’s family of GO-LED Fixtures will transform and revamp any space in minutes.

D819 Gladetino Mini LED area light

Style combined with elegance. The Gladetino Mini luminaire provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to any roadway or parking lot with its smooth, defined curves and highly functional optics that provide maximum lumen output while ensuring beam uniformity. The combination of form and function blend together to make Gladetino Mini the premier outdoor lighting fixture for area, flood, and wall-mount applications.

6" Downlight Kit

The DECO DRT-6 Lumen+ unit is a six-inch LED recessed downlight kit delivering high performance white light optimized for new construction and retrofit applications. Installation is done quickly and easily in most standard eight-inch frames. The top-quality DRT-6 Series provides excellent color rendering (94 CRI) at 4000K. LEDs have virtually no UV or infrared radiation to damage or fade furnishings, art or other objects. Optical Design Optical design efficiently directs light output in an 80° beam angle with low glare.

Round Tapered Pole
DRTS Tapered Steel Pole
Round Tapered Pole
DPTA Tapered Aluminum Pole
DP4S square pole
DP5S 5" Square Pole
DP4R round pole
DP5R 5" Round Pole
DP4S square pole
DP4S 4" Square Pole
DP4R round pole
DP4R 4" Round Pole
DASA-DSSA 4″ Tenon Arm

4″ Square Aluminum or Steel Tenon Arm Series. This versatile arm is suited for traditional and contemporary fixtures. The arm is ideal for courtyards, pathways, municipal, and commercial decorative light pole applications.

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