Deco Lighting’s STOCK ATTACK! is designed to provide updated inventory data on the most popular Deco Lighting fixtures used in the market today. We’ve amped up quantities on all the best-sellers – fixtures you use on a daily basis – in a variety of different wattages, all designed to ship right away! Our LED products are American-made and include our industry-leading ten year warranty with labor. With STOCK ATTACK!, you’ll never be waiting on fixtures again!
Deco Stock Attack! brings Deco Lighting’s unique superhero culture to the forefront, with colorful spec sheets that emphasize Deco’s commitment to attack your stock challenges head-on. While the marketing is playful, the message is serious – when you need stock, our team is here to save the day!
To order a fixture from this program, view the current quantities on our stocked fixtures using the spreadsheet below then select number for the fixture you wish to purchase. You will be directed to the spec sheet for the individual product configuration eligible. Send the warehouse location, part number and quantities desired to your nearest Deco sales rep so that they can provide pricing and process the order immediately.
If you don’t know who your nearest sales representative is, please view our locator map here: